Well I guess he doesn't want to see me?

Met a guy online and our first meeting went quite well. Told him I wanted to see him again and he didn't reply, but he did start talking to me much more and opening up quite a bit. As he is shy I told him I would make the hour drive to see him if he would like rather than wait on him to take a couple months again. The day I wanted to go to see him he was gone on a business trip and stated may be back the next day and he will let me know. Since I was feeling not well close to that date I asked to reschedule for the next week. He told me that sounded good and would make some plans for us to do something together. I didn't hear what day seemed good to him and have asked him twice what he thinks would be a good day and he will reply to every message, but the ones about getting together. I don't see why if he didn't want to see me he didn't just tell me several weeks ago instead of telling me he would let me know.


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  • ask him, or stop trying. no point wasting time on someone who's that flakey.
    I've had a somewhat similar situation before but i just got bored after a while and stopped talking to her.


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  • I always figure if the other person is going to make zero effort, neither am I! I'm dealing with a similar situation myself and I've decided he knows my number if he wants to set something up. Best of luck to you!


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