Do girls drop hints like this?

Do girls drop hints, or are these girls I work with dropping hints?

There are like 5-6 girls I chat with on a regular basis at work email/skype/text/phone calls etc. Mostly about work with some personal stuff smattered in here and there. I feel like a few of them may have a crush on me.

So one girl today said "I'll do whatever you tell me to do" (about work stuff) but I was like hmmm? I almost said something back sexual hinting, but didn't.

Another couple of girls will say things like "let's do it!", like this one girl said it in three separate emails (it was about a work item) but it made me think sexual bc she kept saying it. Was it a hint?

Do girls do stuff like that? Sorry I'm dumb lol


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  • First of all, yes some girls do drop hints like that

    Secondly, sometimes when girls say that they aren't dropping hints

    That's a grey area that would be OK to go ahead with if you were just friends. But since you work with them, I'd say to air on the side of caution until you get a more obvious hint. Some girls do subtly hint, but you don't want to mistake a co-worker's enthusiasm as subtle flirting


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  • Sounds a little flirty and yes they drop hints all the time

    • You think?

    • Yeah not the second one as much as the first. Don't go balls to the wall now though you need more concrete evidence that they like you than that

    • I was like. Pause. Did you you really just say that?

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  • You are. Good for you

    • What's that?

    • I thought it said do I drop hints? My bad 🤗

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