I dont know whats going on. Should I be happy about our relationship and not worried?

I have been with my girlfriend for 1-2months now. She started to like me and asked out, met her from my friend. We used to have very good time at start. A lot sex, she said good things to a lotto me, "i love you" etc. Now we fight a lot, maybe cuz im very insecure about myself and jealous type of guy if someone tries her. (Some of my ex gfs has cheated on me) and it still bothers to this day. Even tho she STILL wants to see me, asks me to come over, asks out and in public she doesent mind kissing or homding hands, always sending messages, she likes to tease me a lot (tickling, slapping my ass, says jokes about me, not offending jokes) she seems to be trustful since she is home a lot when im not with her, and she says i dont need to worry about other guys, and she likes to hug and kiss me a lot and sleep tight with me. But she doesent say nice things anymore much like " u are so nice" or "i love you" she only says it back when i say it first or she says it rarely now. We have sex rarely. 1-3 times a week. Used to have more. Should i be worried? Even tho she likes to be with me a lot and she wants to meet my parents etc. Or is she just being herself now with me now? If i want sex she says most times that she's not in mood or not now. She has depression, and she said it got worse. I try to help her and be with her a lot. Im afraid she lost some of her interest about me. Even tho she says i look very handsome and sexy, still not in mood for sex? thanks for reading and ansrewing. My English is not perfect sorry. Should i just be relaxed about us? Oh and she laughs a lot to my jokes and when she's teasing me. I really do love her and dont wanna lose her. Im just insecure.


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  • Judging by what you just described, nothing is wrong with your relationship. In fact, it sounds better than many relationships I have seen.

    • Thanks for ansrew :) yes im starting to see it now

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