Friendzone or does she like me?

So this girl and I have been friends for over one year. Our relationship is teasing and bantering. She found out I liked her over 3 months ago. But for some reason, just recently she seems different.
- Stares when I'm not looking
- One time she said to me in the hall she loves me, it wasn't in her sarcastic tone. It sounded serious. Then she said she'd date my friend to annoy me.
- Made a little heart for me and said it was a gift for Christmas
- Recently is a lot more touchy with me. Such as resting her hand on me. Then after it she looks at me and gives me a shy smile. And sometimes she'll randomly poke me in the back and give me a shy "heyyy"
- Pays attention to me when I'm not thinking she does. One time I was watching a funny video and she asked my friend to see what I was watching, and when he found out she asked him what it was.
- Then she suggests I get a Snapchat so I can snap her but when I said no she just frowned and looked a bit sad.
- Always makes fun of me being single. One time she made a comment so I said I didn't want something ugly blocking the view and she laughed and said "And you wonder why you're single.."
- Takes my phone randomly and spams it with photos and laughs a ton while doing it.
- Does the stupidest things to get my attention such as randomly saying my name and when I reply she says "Nothing" and just gives me a big smile and so do her friends.

Point is, I still like her, but feel like I'm in the friendzone, what do you guys think? I'd like to ask her out on Valentines or somewhere around it. Thanks
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  • Make a move; I'm certain she likes you.


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