Should I wait for my crush to come back or should I move on? after so long I need an answer could someone please help me?

I've been tearing myself apart over this, so I'm counting on somebody to help me please.

I'm from New Zealand and it was my first year of college, and one day while I was sitting with my friend Declan just the two of us this girl walked up to us to say hi to Declan (they were in the same art class). she briefly said hi to me but Declan thought she was annoying and hated her but I saw an nice friendly person. I quickly developed a crush on her and I found out that we were in the same drama class near the end of the year, so till then I basically just stared and never said a word to her, I even when though the phase of Facebook stalking her, but soon enough the time finally came it was 2 months before the end of the year and I just started my new drama class and of course she was there, and we actually started talking to each other almost every lesson and sometimes during break, we even got to work in the same drama group. overall she was just a sweet, funny, cute, smart and compassionate person just to name a few qualities she was honestly the perfect girl and I liked her a lot, and I could easily tell she liked me as well and one day it just clicked I felt that spark of love and I knew she was the one so I decided to ask her our, I spent most of the year wondering why she never noticed me but the day she did it was too late. It was the day I was going to ask her out, but I soon learned she had left the country, she had gone back to her home town in England and that she never lived in New Zealand she was only here because her father got a job opportunity here, and I was completely torn apart because I didn't get to say goodbye and that my last words to her were "hello" she was the right girl in the wrong time.

she will obviously come back to NZ but should I wait or should I move on? I have the patience and I'm more than capable of, it would be worth it but is it the best decision? can someone please help me I'm in desperate need of advice.

- thank you


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  • Was her going back to england a surprise to her as well? Does she really like you? Maybe she didn't tell you she was going back to england because she thought you might not care and dint want to bore you?

    If you think you'll have a chance with her when she comes back, then wait. But im sure you'll find someone before she comes back so maybe move on too

    • thank you so much this was helpful, I'll just continue living life and see where fate takes me.

    • Exactly what id do too:)

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  • Forget about her. She obviously didn't care enough to tell you she was going so she modt likely didn't feel the same way as you do.


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