Hesitation while msging?

I wrote this guy on fb that works near me, who i thought was really cute😍, not who I would usually go for but he was different and I like it.πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ Anyway he wrote back and didn't seem to have any issues. He was cool.😎
Okay so He would be on line when I message him but won't open it even tho I felt like he saw it, I started waiting to write him back because i didn't want to be too much.
I started feeling like he was uninterested so I stop writing😭. He ended up writing me and starting up the convo again. So Boom, Im feeling like okay😁 we asking each questions, getting to know each other but its really slowβ³βŒ›.. he still be making me wait for a responseπŸ˜’
Can any guys explain why a guy would do that..
I'm at the point where I'm just not going to message him anymore. I don't want to rush things but if your online why not just respond?πŸ˜• And if he didn't want to talk why bother writing me again after I stop? nπŸ˜‘


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  • Guys are just shy and need to relax before responding


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  • PM me girl. We got a lot to discuss lol


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  • he could be shy, doesn't know what to say or life is interrupting at a bad time, etc.

  • I think you just made this up to use emojis πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    • Its real I would send a screenshot but I don't got time for all that... sorry

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    • You're welcome!
      So definitely likes your stuff. Maybe he's a shy guy who doesn't know what to say I'm unsure. Or he doesn't wanna come across as clingy. Have you two ever spoken in person?

    • I saw him twice, first time he kept looking at me in line and second time we talked and he came to stand by me. It was early in the morning and he was working so he was kinda just doing his job but being extra friendly lol

  • I love how you use emojis :)

    • Thank you 😊😘

    • 😘😘

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  • He may just have run out of interesting things to say and didn't want the disinterest you.


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