Girls, so lets say you are studying with a male classmate & he does this, what do you do?

He basically doesn't study at all & than eventually starts asking perverted questions; than says he bought a box of condoms just incase.

  • Ew, i would leave immediately
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& this is a guy you are not interested in whatsoever, who is married, older than you, & has a kid.

WTF... & i think i may be stuck in a class with this same person next quarter. (awkward)


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  • Tell him to stop doing it and that you're not comfortable with it. he is married, wtf is he talking to you about those things for? he should go talk to his wife. tell him you'll complain about him if he doesn't stop.


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  • If you're not interested then just avoid him completely. Like he doesn't even exist.

    • yeah i'm never talking to him again i just think it was so creepy... what a weirdo. i hope i don't get stuck in another class with him because he a loser creep & makes me uncomfortable

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    • well, i'm pretty sure most girls would get offended if a guy said this to them so blatantly. it's like saying "Hey, i know i said I wanted to study but I brought condoms because I thought that by study you meant fuck me in your car." wtf? & in no way did i insinuate that! its extremely rude

    • You have chosen to be offended. Simply choose not to be. Don't give give power over your emotions to some creepy guy. Just move along. He's probably had a few that took him up on it. If that's not you just move along.
      Or would you rather stew in it? That must be the real issue here.

  • i'd be a bit creeped out

    • creeped out forever. can never talk to this guy again ew

  • Sounds like a doofy cunt.

    • he is

    • Shift uncomfortably in your seat til he asks what's wrong, then bitch about your herpes flaring up. Works like a charm, and all his doofy cunt friends will know and avoid you.

  • tell him off rudely

  • always keep something for u r protection and if possible leave immediately

    • i always carry a knife. something is wrong with that guy!

    • then leave dont think twice!

What Girls Said 1

  • I'd ask him wtf he thought this was lol probably get a little offended

    • Yeah, i actually got pretty offended when he did this!!! honestly, how gross ew. He is like ten years older than me & an idiot too (i have a higher gpa than him). i just left and said to leave me alone. I honestly hope i don't get stuck in another class with him!

    • Yea he's weird and fraudulent for trying that while being married

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