So um... is a girl saying "maybe" to a date and not texting back always a bad sign?

i work with this girl once or twice a week and weve known each other for about a year. yesterday before i asked her out she seemed super enthusiastic to see me and we talked a little, sort of flirty in a very mild way, and a little awkward. when we were alone i asked her out very directly and her response was about a minute of monologing where she went from "maybe i have to think about it okay?" to "where are we going to go?" i told her i hadn't thought about that and she said "well you have my number" we talked for about 10 minutes after that and she seemed nervous but i really couldnt tell if it was more positive or negative. i sent her a short conversational text last night and she never replied. im not 100% i have her number correctly because I've never texted her before, but that seems unlikely. its a little weird to me because she seems like the type that would at least text me that she wasn't interested instead of avoiding me. we work closely so it would be strange to pretend it didn't happen when we see each other.

the issues i can think of are that 1) she's in her early 20s and im in my late 20s so there's definitely a gap. 2) a few months ago one of her close friends seemed interested in me and i wasn't into her. i would bet she sent this friend a text and told her i asked her out. 3) i didn't do a very good job of asking her out. i was confident, but it took some awkwardness to get outside where i could talk to her alone 4) again, i may have taken her number down incorrectly.

anyways, im more looking for ways to reduce the awkwardness than anything. thanks for reading


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  • Maybe means no.
    Silence means no.
    Leave her alone and move on.


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