How to bring an online relationship to the real world?

This guy and I have been talking on Snapchat and iMessage for about a week now, but neither have us had said a word to the other in public, including a hello because we are both EXTREMELY SHY when we like people! My friends catch him staring at me when I'm near, and I've noticed his friends silently teasing him. Online, we flirt so much to the point where it's insane. It's quite obvious he likes me. I want us to talk in public, and I think the date he asked me out on (movie and dinner) is a good start, but I fear that it's going to be EXTREMELY AWKWARD! When I try to talk to him in public, I always get interrupted. He does not try to talk to me because he's shy. For example, we saw each other in the stairwell of school once but neither of us said a word. What should I do?


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  • Didn't you already post this same question?

    You just plan a meet up FTF and talk. For reals.


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  • If you guys are compatible to each other, it's not going to be awkward, I can almost guarantee that as a shy person who usually dates shy people.


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