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I was telling this guy that I am crazy about that I am starting to get over him ( since we are just reconnecting after not talking for two months. His choice) he said this

"Usually, when getting over people, you don't need to remind them you're getting over them."

Remind? Does it seem like he wants me to get over him? I asked him to come to dinner to catch up and asked if he would want it to be a date and he said it wouldn't be a date.

Is it weird that I said that even though we used to be close?

I wish we could be close again 😭


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  • looks like he wants to get over you

    • Well that's the thing I was always way more into him then he was into me. I told him I was getting over him thinking he had nothing to get over and that he would be relieved that I don't like him anymore

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    • Thanks :)

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What Girls Said 1

  • Yes, he wants you to get over him and he meant to imply that there is no need to text him about that.


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