My boyfriend is annoyed at everything I do... curses at me and brings me down. Why is he so angry?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for 2 months.
At first he was always kind and always texting me/calling me.
Things changed slowly after.
• One time we were playing games and something happened with the audio where his friends on chat can hear.. he told me to get my ass back on the game rudely.
• When he's drunk and we got into an argument.. he was cursing a storm up because I was asking if he was cheating one me due to things I found. He broke up with me that same night and said I was stressing him out. He came back 3 weeks later.
• He was drunk another time and punched my car window when I said something negative. He threatened to punch the wall too.
• I live alone and he still lives with his parents. I picked him up to come to my home so we can have more privacy.. He keeps saying I live far.. I'm in a bad neighborhood... he didn't like my place and it's boring. But I had all the sam stuff he has in his home? All he does is play computer games and I have 2 computers.
• He's constantly talking to this girl on fb messenger and facebook. I confronted him 3 times about her and he says she has a boyfriend and it's his best friend but I never met her nor has he mentioned her before.
• He hung out with a girl one night thathe had a fling with and apologized. I forgave him because I felt I was being too needy.
• Everytime I do something... he says I'm annoying, yells at me, says I piss him off, says I'm negative..

i care for him and see he has problems and I'm always there for him. I think I'm a bit too comforting but I want to help him. I even helped him study for his permit test that he had to redo due to having a DUI. I went to support him at the DMV and I glanced at his phone.. that same girl keeps popping up. Whenever I asked him about it.. he YELLS and says it's my fault that he didn't pass the DMV test.
I dont understand what I'm doing wrong. I only want good things for him... Am I acting too motherly or something?

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  • Break up and get this dude out of your life. Sounds like a nightmare relationship

    • I guess I should've known when he said all his ex gf's left him...
      He never clarified why. He did say one of them went to marry someone else.
      He also said another one cheated on him too..

    • Your response is very logical but note that she is asking every single question in this take apart from the one you just mentioned.

      As has been said many times before on this site and others, women cannot resist damaged goods (aka bad boys). If this guy was a gentleman that treated her like a queen, she'd have left him already and be complaining about how boring he was.

      Also note the comment about his ex gfs... why would so many women fall for the same thing... because women love bad boys...

    • @Truthatanycost while that may be true for most women I can't say entirely for myself. Like I said this was my first boyfriend and I did not know much about relationships. I thought you were supposed to compromise in the beginning but I had dating confused with marriage. I was expecting too much and I just dealt with it. Aside from him being a gentlemen and boring... I like boring so I doubt I would've left him then too. In the outcome he broke up with me because he said there was no spark anymore.

Most Helpful Girl

  • This all in 2 months and you dont see that its absolutely insane?
    Please get out.

    • He says it's my fault and that he never had this issue with his other girlfriends like this before. I guess because I question him too much and I dont trust him as much. I'm trying to trust him but as you can see the big signs... it's really hard to. He says he shouldn't be this stressed in two months... he's my first boyfriend so I didn't know how things were supposed to go.

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  • You won't get anywhere in your life if you can't do what's best for you at the cost of a douche's feelings

  • Dump this guy. He's bad news.

    • I've been told to but i feel so bad...

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    • Seriously? A spark... all of that because of no spark?
      This is the second time he broke up with me and this time his excuse is a fire flame? .. Wtf.
      I think I'm done with dating. This isn't how I pictured it to be. I'd rather die alone with a cat then deal with this again. I feel drained.

    • Your guy has major issues and all he's going to do is drag you down with him. You're a young woman with a lot to give. Don't let this one guy ruin it all for you. You feel drained now, but once you are out of this toxic relationship, you'll feel invigorated and ready to find the man of your dreams. Face it, sometimes you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince.

  • Leave now. This guy is nothing but a loser.

  • You're not good enough for him.

    • Why? Im thin.. i dress nice.. I give him whatever he likes as well?

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