Does He like Me? Is it possible we can date?

I really need help.
Their was a guy who was like my best friend, made me laugh and always teased me playful.
I pushed him into trying out for the basketball team. I loved him and I always wanted him to be happy with me or not.
He got in and started hanging out with this kid who pushed him away from me.
This doesn't mean that he didn't make me laugh all the time... he just seemed not my bestie anymore.
Then I got the courage to ask him on a note if he likes me or not. Before I gave it to him I put a "maybe" option on there.
He was all surprised when I gave him the note and was telling me what this is.
I told him to just answer it.
He checked off the maybe option and every since then we were mean to each other he called me "ugly" and "fat". Made me feel especial and always never seem to make me laugh anymore. His life was the "pushing away" friend (a boy) and basketball.
I was always nice to his sister which was in 2nd grade and his cousin was my friend. His mother liked me and so did his aunt.
Every since last June things have been awkward if we bump into each other in the park or in front of my old school.
We have tension. We used to have chemistry.
We both go to different middle-schools.
The funny thing is that I always try to go see him in places to see if I could look into his eyes.
But we would only make one second eye contact.
I'm confused and disappointed
Can you tell me if he likes me?
How could I get a kiss from him?
The problem with dating is were muslims and dating is a sin unless parents permission. (I think)
And I repeat my parents are never going to let me date at the age of 11.
He's my first love and I don't wanna lose him.
Please help me.


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What Guys Said 1

  • I had this friend that I liked she was super nice to me but when she found out I like her she avoided me without regret. We weren't besties but I felt a bond when we were friends but now she dislikes me.
    Asking him that probably made not as fond of you. He probably never liked as a girlfriend or anything because if you asked him that then he figured you liked him. He would've said yes but he didn't hmmmm

    • Ok thanks.
      But from a girl's advice you should do something romantic (not over the top like: ask for her number). But first you need to restore the bond. You could talk to her (NO DIRTY-TALKING) but make her feel sorry for u. Make her fell specil like this:
      You: Hey I know things weren't great between us.
      Her: Yeah...
      Y: I know you might think that I might get used to people regecting me... but no
      Your my first love and I never feel about that with anyone but u
      I just wanted you to know that your my heart and brain and soul
      And I'll never be complete without u
      So can we at least be friends or at least forgive me because I can't live like this anymore.

      If your going to ask her out, ask her when she's alone

    • I don't have the courage to say that. I don't love her any more I did though. I just like her now and want to be your friend.

What Girls Said 1

  • Yes, I think he actually likes you, but both of you are way too young to be dating each other.

    • ok thanks but were not young.
      ok mabey your right

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