The person I think I am in love with told me that a story from my past "disappointed [him]" ?

he asked me to tell him about a situation in my past that he only had a few details on. I explained it thoroughly and we haven't talked since. I asked him if he was okay since i usually hear from him every few days and he said that what i told him made him feel disappointed in me and that there were some other things weighing no him in addition.
I am sure he needs time so i backed off after that. I dont blame him for being disappointed as i am in myself over it as well. But im not that person anymore and it all happened before i even knew him. To be clear what i did hadn't hurt anyone except, perhaps, myself. I hadn't learned to love myself quite yet and it showed in my behavior.
It's been 2 days since he said that he was disappointed and that he doesn't know what to say or how to say it...
Should i just assume that this will never blow over and that he will never see me as who i am now again versus the girl i was in the story of my past?

i feel like shrinking into non-existance to know that he is disappointed in me. He too has stories of his past that werent so great but he isn't that person anymore either. I didn't bother to bring up his story of his past as it wouldn't have changed anything and would only be a petty desperate action...

noone is perfect... i just hope he can forgive me my past...

im not really sure what my question is here but if anyone has anything insightful to offer i would appreciate it.

low and sulking... =/


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  • everyone has a dark past, all matters is, is someone willing to accept your darkness and and still willing to love you.


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  • Odds are that he will constantly be thinking about it if you continue being together. Also, it's quite possible that he may use it against you during arguments.


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  • I think he's wanted out but has needed a reason so he's using this as a reason to break up. This way he isn't the bad one

    • lol we werent even dating we just talk all the time but i know what you are saying

  • If I may ask. what exactly was in your story?

  • I couldn't be with someone if they told me from 18-30 they loved spending it having as much sex as possible for example, I've never dated, had a girlfriend, etc... so I couldn't be with someone if they have gone well beyond what I never had a chance at because I've always been that guy who has always been left out so if she tells me she has been with more than 50 guts and more than 2,000 getting laid then I would tell her not to contact me ever again

    • the story i relayed to him was more about how i allowed an ex to take advantage of my devotion to him... in a way that lowered myself

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