Lol... men, has a female friend ever ramped up your love life with great dating advice?

I personally havnt had ANY good advice from every single woman I have ever met. Try it, or if you can recall it, when you ask what's wrong with you (already an unnatractive trait there), it's almost always:

"just go up and talk to her" FAIL and/or

"don't worry, you are fine and you will make some lucky girl very happy one day" FAIL FAIL FAIL. You like dying there while she is getting fucked 10 ways from Sunday and that's the best advice she can give😂😂😂 happened to me loads.

thats my experience. Especially the latter. Never listen to a female friend about dating advice. It's the same as motherly advice on relationships. It will always friendshipzone you. Always.


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  • Yessss

  • I haven't received good advice from anybody to be honest.
    Also the "just go up and talk to her" is not wrong. The issue is that the majority of people are pussies who cannot do anything of such sorts.

    Also, you cannot magically expect people to find the perfect solution for your life. I mean, you can't even do that on your own. Other people are just doing the best they can with the information you give them.

    • That's the problem.

      The information that men get, especially from their female friends, isn't good information. So those are terrible cards. Like receiving a 2 and a 7 in poker.

      I talk to plenty of women, the go up and talk to her thing means absolutely nothing. Its what you say that counts. It's also how you say it that counts. This is where "game" comes in. And that's far more in depth then simple : walk and talk to her.

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  • The advice from the female side is often too optimistic in my opinion. You could have a 27-year old guy saying he's still a virgin and never had a girlfriend and you can find female responses like, "Just be yourself and you'll meet someone special someday" (a tad exaggerated but sometimes it's actually that extreme). The guy has to be extremely frustrated at this point: "I've waited 27 years. I'm just supposed to be myself and continue waiting around to meet some dream girl?"

    One of the worst ones to me is when we encounter a guy on here who has developed strong feelings for his female friend and he wants to know what to do. There is no indication whatsoever that she's into him the same way. Then you get some advice like, "Just tell her how you feel. Write her a letter telling her your feelings." Noooooooooooo!

    From a strategic standpoint I think that's actually harmful advice. If she doesn't feel the same way and receives this confession of feelings from him, that's inevitably going to lead to the most awkward kind of rejection and typically a complete end to that friendship. About the only time that will ever work if she's feeling the exact same way.

    I don't know what goes through a girl's mind when she suggests such a dreadful thing. Perhaps she is imagining the case where her dream crush is the one confessing his feelings to her, not the guy she just thinks of as a friend and nothing more.

    The best thing to do there is typically just casually ask the girl out, take it easy on confessing feelings, and then when the guy has her alone, start seducing her. That can work even if she doesn't feel the same way about him just yet (she might still humor him for an invitation to hang out), since the process of connecting and seducing can potentially change her mind about him, implanting the seed of sexual desire in her which makes her consider him as a sexual/romantic partner. And of course in the very lucky chance that she felt the same way about him in the first place, that date should go very smoothly.

    Anyway, agreed with your assessment. There is sometimes the rare type of girl who actually gets straight to the point and suggests things like working out, improving appearance, and being charming and confident -- things that actually work. But it seems quite rare.

    • Preach brother. I've only seen female pick up artists on YouTube that come somewhat close.

      But yeah, exactly.

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