Should I reply him back?

I met this guy at work and I really like him though I know that he's currently dating someone else. I later on had to quit the job due to some family issues, but I still decided to confess my feelings cus some other way, I'd feel more releive if I do so. And somehow I feel like he also have interests in me (by the way he cares for me whenever I have any problems at work or sometimes he just look at me and smile),. So i texted him that night, we had a really long chat with each other and as I expected, he said that he also liked me back, though it's just recent. However, I decided to be back off cos I know this is not right and it'd hurt his girlfriend feelings too. We haven't texted for like a month while he was away for his vacation (with his family). Well he sometimes sent me snaps on these times but I didn't reply much. Then when he came back here, he suddenly texted me and asked for a day. He said that he had a fight with his girlfriend and they broke up while he was away. So I agreed to the date. We planned the place, the time, everything was perfext except that he cancelled on the last minute. Around 2 hours before the time, he texted me that if we could make it another date because he was ill and apologized. I was so so angry for that but I didn't say anything. He texted me back again recently (almost a week after the date) tried to explain everything but I was so mad that I didn't reply back. Should I forgive him?


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  • No you should not. Because he was telling you that he had feelings for you while he was dating someone else and proceed to send you things. This guy is trouble it would had been another story if he dumped his girlfriend right away but no he stayed with her. So who knows he won't do this to you also texting other girls confessing feelings. And he didn't say he broke up with her they broke up because they had a fight. So no ignore this guy he is bad news


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