Is she still interested or is it time to move on?

Hello there,

I have scheduled a Second Date with the one I like and she said yes.

Then, three hours before the date; she cancels it giving the cause "not feeling going".
Also, she does not try to reschedule or apologize for cancelling the date.

I would appreciate to know what do you think, thank you.

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  • Move on she is not interested.


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  • She isn't interested. Invest your time and energy in someone else.

  • Lost interest, move on.

    • I know that might sounds ridiculous for you, however let me ask you this question.

      Is there a way to gain her interest again?

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    • Thank you for your feedback.

      You are totally right, I shouldn't bother to gain back her interest. If she's not interested then so be it, after all the effort should be made by both sides not only on sided.

      I hope to be able to find someone that I will be able to spend time with, as having never been in a relationship I do wonder what it looks like.

    • I'm sure you will eventually find someone who is right for you, because you have never had this you find it hard that it will ever happen trust me it will and it will be for all the right reasons, you're welcome Good Luck :-)

What Guys Said 1

  • she don't want you bro.