I Told Him I Like Him, What Do I Do Now?

I've liked this guy in my world history class since pretty much the beginning of last semester. Towards the end of last semester we tried to make plans to get together over break. Those plans fell through for various reasons, a massive snow storm being one of them, and we haven't made different plans since then really. I decided yesterday to tell him that I like him. I messaged him and told him that I was going to go to bowling with a couple friends here in a couple weeks and that I'd really like for him to come but that I know our other plans have fallen through and that I don't want things to be awkward because I like him. I also said that I wanted him to think about it, and let me know how he feels. He messaged back right away and said that he'd love to go. He then said that he has to go to work and asked if he could message me back later when he go off work about the other stuff. The thing is, he didn't message me back so now I don't know what to do. Does he like me or is he avoiding the question?


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  • What's wrong with the guy your with? Don't you have a man already? And he may just be busy. Who knows


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  • He might be avoiding the question, maybe you where going a little too fast there doll.
    This man knows now that you like him, which makes him automatically THINK that you are already a SURE THING, and guys don't like SURE THINGS, they like to CATCH and fight for something, sometimes they want girls that are almost impossible to get...

    I think you should just leave it and wait for him to text you back, dont exaggerate things with him, keep a diplomatic distance, and show him that you respect yourself and don't just RUN AFTER HIM, keep a distance, let him do some work too.


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  • I agree with the lady who thought you were too forward - you don't put yourself out there for a guy - you don't give more than he is willing to take.

  • he's probably just busy or nervous/thinking of what to say don't worry about it just yet give him some time to reply 😊

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