Why do fit/athletic/slim girls like me, but not curvy girls? Curvy girls, do you have higher standards?

I am a skinny guy and I don't have a great body. I mean I am not anorexic or rail thin, but I am on the thinner side and don't have a lot of muscle (though I have some of course). But for some reason I only get approached and get stares from girls who are either slim or fit and athletic (even those who are 100 times more athletic and sporty than me). I know most guys are attracted to these girls but not me. I am attracted to curvier girls.

I don't think many guys share such a preference like me, but why do I never get any looks from these girls? They don't look at me even if I stare at them, like I am invisible to them. At the same time I don't even need to do anything to get looks from thin and athletic girls and I even get approached by them! What a paradox, those girls who are considered hotter think I am good looking while those girls who don't get much love don't even see me!

Why are curvy girls not interested in me? Do they prefer fatter guys or guys who are more muscular? I know it's shallow to reject fit girls just because they are fit but I can't help who I am attracted to.
  • Curvy girls just don't think skinny guys are interested in them.
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  • Curvy girls are repulsed by skinny guys.
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By curvy I mean girls who are average/slightly bigger than average and have a waist that is smaller than her hips.


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  • I have a number of curvy friends and its always either they dont think the guy will be interested in them or they just like a guy with a little more body yanno? what they gonna do with a small dude?

    • Thanks for being honest.

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  • Most heavy girls I see nowadays (a LOT of them in the South!), are under some delusion that they're the second coming of J. Lo. I've found them to be the snottiest, rudest piles of horsecrap I've ever had the misfortune of sharing a zip code with. They get some unemployed, wannabe thug baby daddy who eyeballs their land whale ass at Wal Mart... and then the chin goes up so fast she gets whiplash!!! Avoid em. I'm telling you, avoid em. The baby daddy types eyeball every one of these sweatballs of lard, calling them 'thick", so they feed into the media driven crap that weighing as much as the middle linebacker for the Ravens is "sexy." Avoid, avoid, avoid!

    • I am talking about girls who are average or slightly bigger than average and not fat.

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    • That's bad.

    • About height, actually some of the girls who liked me were close to my height or even taller.

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  • fat women these days are stuck on the idea that big is beautiful (awful fucking lie i tell you) and they have unrealistic expectations about they men they should be with.. Soo they all think they need models with 6 packs and with a job thats 200k a year lol

    • I noticed that about fat girls too but I don't really like them. I like girls who are more average than skinny.

    • agreed! i actually kinda hate fatties tbh.. and also not a fan of the sickly skinny chicks.. all about balance and a nice rack and ass haha

    • Yeah, that's what I am talking about, nice balance.

  • You're lucky to have girls show you interest. All girls do to me is stare at me and when I talk they get shy or talk in a cold and low tone. The life of an unattractive guy.


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