How can I tell him I got herpes?

I have been dating this wonderful guy for 7 months. I recently got blood work and it came out that I have herpes type 2. (I was married and this guy cheated on me left and right, I did not know) How can I tell him that he might have herpes without him freaking out. I plan to talk to the doctor since he told me like it was nothing and not to worry about it. We had unprotected sex and it is amazing with him. I am just scared I gave it to him and now he wouldn't want to date me anymore. I am so depressed.


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  • Aw :( that's terrible.

    I think it's your duty to tell him, obviously, but if he has a heart at all, he'll see that this wasn't intentional nor as the result of you being disloyal... that you're a victim here just as much as he is. urge him to get tested as well.

    I think this'll be hard, but i'd like to think that 7 months means enough to work through it.

    stay strong, keep calm, and I wish you the best

    • Thank you very much. My husband had a double life and i didn't know. Since I never got an outbreak I though I was fine I am so worry and its just hard rihgt now. I'd like to think the same that he would understand.

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  • Someone else had a similar question. I would explain that you really are into him, you really this going somewhere, but you have something to tell him. Tell him about your ex, what happened, and what you have found put recently. Then give him some time to process.

    • He knows about my husband. yesterday was one of the worse day of my life. I want to see if there is any meds I can take to prevent him from getting it. Thank you.

    • There are meds that you take to help prevent and reduce the length of outbreaks. I'm sure the names though. I would definitely ask your doc about them, and if it helps at all, I have 3 friends with this, they are all in new happy relationships. Good luck.

    • Thank you so much! I dont get any breakouts. I will ask the doctor.

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  • Woa, i hope everything works out for you. Just be strong my dear.


    • Thank you, I hope so too. I like him a lot.

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    • Thank you so much :)

    • its my pleasure. :) <3

  • Is it oral or genital? If you don't show any signs of it and it's under control he may not have gotten it unless it comes to the surface and you are breaking out. I guess you could tell him you found out you got it from a blood test after the fact and he have been exposed but you weren't breaking out during that time

    • No, I never got a breakout in my life. I always got tested in PPH and I was very naive I never though you had to get a blood work in order to know if you have it. it genital. The doctor pretty much told me no to worry about it.

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    • that could be a possibility that was probably what the doctor wanted for me to understand because he was just very calmed but i already made an appointment.

    • Appointment for medicine to put it in remission? it's too bad there's no cure for that yet

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