What is his problem?

This guy I talked to a lot online before..is being a total weirdo...he flirted with me online and talked to me time to time (hes in college so he wasn't on all the time) and he asked me out right before I almost gave up on him...because he wasn't online for a long time..and than he said he would tell me about the date and all 1 day before the actually date and he didn't so I gave up on it the same day that our date was going to be on..and than he told me where to meet him on the exact day so I was happy again and than after our date he didn't talk to me ..i even texted him and he didn't reply ( what did I do wrong?) is it cause he wasn't all the sudden interested? Than some days later I talked to him when he got online late at night but than I was a bit mad so I didn't talk a lot and a week after when ( yet again he disappeared) and got online I asked him if he was ignoring me or something and he said no he wasn't and he was sorry that he didn't tell me before hand but he was really busy with school and he has 5 exams he had to study for ...will he contact me after? is he interested? so confused...

oh btw...he talked to me today and asked me out again


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  • He's interested.


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