Is he interested or playing games?

So I went out with this guy on two dates. Great dates and we made out and had a good time. We have an awful lot in common as well. So I asked him out on a third date Tuesday last week for Friday. He accepted and then asked on Thursday if we could do it Saturday instead. I said ok, but I was a bit annoyed since Saturdays are kind of a busy day for me but I made time for it. Come Friday I hadn't heard anything from him and we hadn't decided on a place or time so I texted him. He didn't respond so I called him Saturday and he didn't answer but texted me a few minutes after saying he is sick. I told him to get well soon.

Come Sunday I decided to text and ask if he was feeling better. He told me he is and told me he went out to brunch as well. I said good and asked him if we would be interested in rescheduling. He said he is and sent a flirty emoji. Then he texts me Tuesday to show me how far along he is in painting his office. I flirt with him and he flirts back. I say I want to kiss him again and he says it will happen. I said really and not to get me all excited. Then he said he wants me all excited and it will happen he just doesn't know when.

I haven't heard from him for going on the 2nd day now. Do you think he is interested but he's just busy? Or do you think he is leading me on. I don't like games and I'm trying to be patient and give him the benefit of the doubt but it is hard. When I asked if he has been busy lately he said he has and said you saw my office. I just don't know.


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  • It is really hard to decipher his thoughts, but I have had something similar happen to me. A girl was leading me on, but all she wanted was pictures of my... you know. And another girl was just playing games with me, sounding very similar to what is happening to you.

    But from many stories that I have heard, some guys are just extremely busy. But he didn't go on the date? And has not texted? No one is THAT busy, I promise you.

    Hoped this helped, I will say, I lean more to him not really truly caring about you.

    • That's the thing, I thought he was just gonna ghost me. But he texted me on Tuesday to show me the progress with painting his new office for this new job he got. Then I asked him somewhat pointedly if we would see each other again and he said yes. I also asked if he is busy and he said he has a couple more nights of work.

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    • So I did ask him. I told him that my coworker is playing a show in a few weeks and I told him that it sounds like something he would be interested in and then I said that I really just want to know if he is interested in seeing me again. He said that we would but he has been busy and has a throat thing so he has been MIA. I asked my guy friend and he thinks that I should just let it go. I know that actions speak louder than words and I do agree with that. At the same time, I don't want to push him away by not believing he is busy if he genuinely is.

    • Everytime I've asked if he would want to see me again he has said that he does. I also noticed that he started to be distant the same time he told me that he has to work on his office. I'm just gonna wait and see if I hear from him but I would like to think that I'm not being too stupid to see that I'm being led on.

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  • if a guy really wants you he will pursue they love the chase


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