Girl with boyfriend who I have developed feelings for has found out I like her & begun to act the following way. What does this mean, what do I do?

She has become very shy.

Around me she is very timid and around other people she open and feels comfortable.

On most occasions, I see her we share very very strong eye contact until one of us looks away.

Sometimes when I see her she doesn't make eye contact she looks down but she gives me a smile.

One morning everything was fine and then she started ignoring me for no reason, so i Ignored her back. She then came and said Hi the following day.

She hardly initiates conversation like she used to. I initiate conversation most of the time.

After talking to her one evening, she walked off and I saw turn her head and look back at me

On Monday this week. Every time I walked pass her room she looked to take a glance.(she could hear me coming with the shoes I wear)

Sometimes she's mean to me then the next moment she's not.

Please can someone help me here and tell me what it means. Does she like me or is she just playing me about. ?



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  • Its probably awkward for her bc she knows you like her and doesn't know how to act around you, not wanting to give the wrong inpression maybe

    • There's been a click between us from before she even knew. If that was the case she would of ignored me fully but if I ignore her she comes to talk to me. Today I ignored her and I was speaking to another girl and she came stood next to us.

    • Probably got used to the attention

  • She likes u, make a move

    • She has a boyfriend though.

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    • It's normal that ones feel attractive to someone else yet being a relationship, but it's not good to cheat. So just keep that on mind

    • Yea been on my mind since I've known, hence why I've not told her how I feel.

What Guys Said 1

  • bro its not worth going after a girl that is in a relationship it could turn out very bad for you


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