First date Tips?

So I'm going on a date with this guy. I've known him for a while but we never really were more than acquintances/kinda friends. Lately we've been flirty so in some point of the convo I asked him where he'd go on a date with me. He said movies which I found funny because typical. Then I said what about ice skating? And the fictive date became a real one. We switched to baking a cake together somehow though lol.

Anyone got any advice? What do you like or dislike on first dates?
Any question ideas or conversation holders?


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  • i like that idea of cooking together that always turns into make out session in the kitchen : ) lol i would just keep things pretty general, no discussing touchy subjects like ur ex's, religion, how many kids you want, etc. just talk about funny experiences, stories, what their preferences are for stuff, what tv shows and music they like etc.


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  • Baking a cake sounds like a creative first date idea. It'll allow you both to work together on some little project, and let you talk through decorating too. I hope you have fun!

    For tips, I'd recommend just being yourself. Since you two aren't super familiar, it'd be ideal for giving you time to get to know this guy better and even more than you do now. Try to be calm and don't get too worked up to where you're overly nervous, it happens but usuallt nerves are gone within the first few mins.

    I personally do like the movies for a first date, and public places too (like malls, drive-ins, skating rinks, rollerblading parks, wine tasting, carnivals, etc) I like being out somewhere with a new love interest until I get to know them better. Especially if I have never been friends / acquaintances with them before, then public places are a go to for me.
    I like taking the time to talk and better understand the person. Their outlook on life, their personality, their sense of humour and the hearing what they share about themself. I like keeping things light, and friendly, and having a great time while doing my best to give the other person a fun time as well. First dates are never easy, but there's always room to get over the awkwardness and end up having a great time by the end of it. :)


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