Why do you guys that you used to like always talk bad about you to their friends?

Well so there this guy that I work with and I used to have a crush on him because I thought he was a sweet and genuine man. We talked for like a couple months about everything. We text and call each other almost everyday. I thought we had something or a spark. Our first date was a group date with his friends. I liked it because I got to see him around his friends. He wanted me to come over and hang out with him when we had a date but change of plans due to his friends birthday. No I had to work which super sucked. I feel like that was kinda drifted us apart.

Months went by By he introduced me to his best friend because we have a lot in common. Now he is like my best friend. All of sudden I keep hearing talk about me behind my back and saying things aren't true about me.

He he keeps saying that he only likes me as a friend but why would he try to be nice to me and then act maybe kinda flirty? Am I crazy?


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What Guys Said 1

  • His behavior is weird. He is trying to seem cool around his friends and to try and make himself look good around them. Maybe he friendzoned you because he is dating another girl. Because he is acting weird and funny now.

    • That's the thing he isn't dating anyone. Now all of sudden he gets really happy when he sees me and shy.

    • That is good he is single. That is good he gets happy when he sees you. His shyness is an issue because he is not expressing himself to you on how he feels.

What Girls Said 1

  • Because people are stupid, that's why. What does he say to his friends about you?

    • Well that I still have feelings for him which are true. I just deny it I don't want to start anything. Now we talked about it. All of sudden he gets really happy when he sees me at work and smiles. He knows that his best friend and I are like brother and sister. My family is like his other family.

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