How to know what we are?

We've been friends for a few months and on new years we hooked up, after that i guess he realized he liked me and told his best friend, (his best friend is dating my best friend) and they told me and he also started texting/snapchatting me but from our conversations you'd think we were just friends, nothing more. That was 3 weeks ago and last week he actually told me that he did likes me so we decided to hang out last Friday and it was with some of his friends. We acted as if we were a couple; cuddling and touching and we hooked up again but i had to leave early because something came up. But before i left he told me that he really liked me.
But we've never even discussed if we're just talking/keeping things casual, or if he wants a relationship or any of that. So how am i supposed to know?


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  • Have a discussion with him about it. That's the only way you can know for sure.


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