Girls, What does this mean?

So this girl made a move on me like a year ago and when I asked her out she accepted but then a few days later said she's changed her mind.

Then two weeks ago I got a blocked call from a girl and I'm 80% sure it was her from her voice.

What do you girls think about this? Is this something you would do?

Could she be sincere too, or is she just unhappy with her other options.

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Seriously? Anyone?


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What Girls Said 3

  • Ask her to see if it was her. But if she changed her mind after you asked her out, I don't think she's into you

    • Why is that?

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    • You think its a possibliry that it was her (as in I want to confirm I ain't stupid lol)

    • Oh definitely

  • she changed her mind

    • Should I reject her and ignore her

    • no talk to her ad tell her you want an honest answer if she if she is unsure of what she wants at the moment to fuck off

  • Sounds like she needs some growing up to do.

    • The problem is my cousin said this is not possible it's been a year.

      Is this possible with a girl? If it is possible then yeah I'm sure it's her And she's got growing up to do

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