Why do people actually pursue relationships on a romantic level?

I never understood this. Why do people feel the need for a significant other? Before you say anything about me understanding one day, or I'll see someone who changes my mind. I have had romantic attraction before, but I also realized this attraction was a nuisence and I suppressed my feelings. I have also been asked out before but again, I think romance is pointless and dangerous. Even if I felt an romantic and sexual attraction, I would suppress my feelings and refuse. Why don't more people do this?


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  • bc then id never get to spend the night in someones arms.

    i used to do what you do. ignore supress stuff. but now i regret it. its years i couldve had experiences to remember and help me grow as a human being. im lucky i got the picture now instead of decades later.

    i dont see these feelings as a nuisance. though i did. now i see it as a gift that you need courage to accept. bc it is difficult. but beautiful to be able to truly care about another person in that way.

    in my opinion

  • Because when you feel a real connection to someone you just cannot help yourself. You want to be around them all the time and you want to open up to them. People crave intimacy (i don't really mean sex, but that lovey dovey feeling). We need social connections, it's like asking why people feel the need to make friends.

    For me, I don't really see what the point is in anything else, I don't care about a job or how much money I have, as long as I have enough money to live an average life. The only real goal I have is to spend it with someone that I really truly care about and cares about me, then eventually start a family.

    I think the real question here is why you find romance dangerous and feel the need to suppress your feelings? What exactly are you scared of? Being open? Getting hurt?

    • My reasons for believing that dating is dangerous is simple. Even if a girl asks me out, and has affection towards me. I have to realize that nobody could happy with me. I don't demand perfection from a girl, however a girl would demand perfection from me. As such we could never be happy together. Nobody could be happy with me.

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  • i know for me when i am in a relationship i love it when i get look into her eyes. the way she talk, walk, smile, frown her face when she gets angry, the way she smells, the way her skin fells. her conversation. when your souls connect. and just hearing when she say i love you or miss you makes me happy. people love that feeling


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