How do you know you're in love?

Reason I'm asking cause there is a guy I've liked for months now. I know nothing will happen cause I've already asked him out, to which he said no. He was super nice about it and we still talk as friends and get along well (he's a coworker)
But I can't get over him. Even when he annoys me it doesn't change how I feel, even if I try to point out lesser qualities about him to myself it doesn't matter. I'm always outweighing the good. How can I love someone who doesn't love me back I just feel silly.


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  • Its time to move on and let go. The guy isn't interested. As much as you like him, and as much as he gives you conversation at work. He has made it clear that its not going anywhere other than being friends. The more you keep obsessing over the thought of being with him, the more it will break you down mentally and emotionally. Im telling you from experience because I have been where you are. Move on for your own sake of mind.

    • I've told myself that over and over again. And I've gone through periods where I've though to myself "I'm getting closer to not caring" Then somehow I always circle back to "why isn't he interested?" It's a vicious cycle and I just wish it would end. It's even harder when I see him everyday.

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  • how did you ask him out. what did you say?

    its tough bc it could be you're still curious about him and if you dated you may grow tired of him. but now it will seem as if you loved him forever. too bad he couldnt just let you date him for a bit just so you could find out if its love or fascination.

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