How do I make a move on this girl I think likes me?

I don't have tons of experience with girls.

I think this girl that I like and have been trying to flirt with likes me:
- She is extroverted but gets really nervous and quiet around me.
- She comes and sits next to me and smiles a lot without saying much
- She has been getting more and more touchy every day. She always puts her hands on me a lot every day and I don't see her doing it to other guys. She started leaning against me today.
- She has asked me several times to take a class with her next semester and today I finally said ok. She didn't say anything in response but just started smiling and looked so happy.

So I think these are enough signs where I want to try to make a move. I don't really know what to do though. I'm kind of awkward with girls. Should I ask her to get dinner or see a movie or something?


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What Girls Said 1

  • Yes do it, just be like :" hey, today i really wanna go watch this movie (check what movies are on ) do you mind going with me" get to know her, invite her to drinks at the bar, dinners do it, it's easy, I THIN SHE IS JUST WAITING FOR YOU TO MAKE A MOVE.

    You have nothing to loose ;) Good luck


What Guys Said 1

  • a movie would be a better start since you're strictly making a move and haven't yet begun to know her on that level (best reserved for something like dinner)


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