Girls , why do you say here that dating a short guy isn't a problem and in the society you will not date them?


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  • I do date short guys

    • how tall are you? an his height?

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    • We didn't just try we did have sex

    • I don't but moat of my friends are short too but no body has a chance with a girl !
      thank you any way ❤

What Guys Said 1

  • Because they don't want to come off as insensitive here but in real life they have to keep up their standards.

    • So you're basing your whole existance around your height? Dude, there's much more to life.

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    • No the matter is different !
      When I was 14 I was in love with a girl who I left her because the war !
      I am from Syria
      and after 5 years she found me on facebook and she told me one time she like and prefer tall guys , I told her I am short about 5'6 (not full 5'6) .. after that she didn't take care of me and our talk has decreased !

      I think that was because of my height !
      I think it is a big deal breaker for the girl !

      so I hope if I were you ❤

    • Well it's a bummer butility look at it this way. She wasn't worth it if it only took your height to make her not be interested.

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