Do you think she's interested in me? If so, what should I say/do?

So I drive for Uber and there is this really hot girl who I pick up and take to/from work frequently. I've probably gotten her about 6-10 times more or less. We've gotten to the point where we recognize each other and talk a bit whenever I pick her up but nothing too serious. The trips are pretty short so we don't really have that long of conversations. Last time I picked her up (a little over a week ago) she told me her boyfriend cheated on her and kinda told me everything that happened. I told her "It could be worse and you could be like me and never really get much of a chance at all" and by that time we were at her dropoff location. She randomly added me on Facebook a few hours ago (I never told her to add me or anything and she only knew my first name. She never asked to add me either.). I messaged her on Facebook saying hi (not really knowing what to say). She told me she was drinking a little. I couldn't think of a response and she said "Or not, good night" so then I was like "sorry did you wanna hang out or something?"

She said "No lol, not tonight at least." Anyway that is pretty much the extent of our relationship. What do you think she wants, is she into me? What should I do? I'm not a party/drinker kinda person so what could I do to get her into me whether it's sexual or relationship-wise. Seems like the only way these days is clubs and bars which I'm not into. I always seem to have trouble avoiding the friendzone. Even if I don't get friendzoned they kinda just disappear and stop replying. I just don't really feel like a desirable person as I don't really know how to make a girl want me. "Being myself" doesn't work, it only ever leads to friendships. That's how it's always been. I don't know what specific things to say or do to ignite that spark of making a girl want me to come over and "netflix and chill." Any suggestions besides going to a freaking bar or club with her?


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  • From what I have gathered by the information you have provided, yes, it seems as though the thought of dating you has crossed her mind at some point in time. I think she is shy about it, but if you want, you could try to initiate a date.

    • How though? The few rare times I have gotten a girl to "go out with me" it's been like dinner or lunch and we just talk, get to know each other and it always ends up with me getting friend-zoned. I've never tried kissing or asking them to go home with me because I've never been given any obvious signs that that's what she wanted. Or when I try hanging out again later they has a million excuses every time I ask (which I can take a hint, she's not interested). I'm not sure what I should do to move it away from "hanging out" to "come home with me" or kissing. Is it just a shot in the dark or will she usually show some sort of sign. That is the point where I always get stuck.

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    • How though? What do I say. I've tried but it never goes well. What would be the ideal thing for me to say to her?

    • The few times I've tried making my intentions clear early have lead to instant friendzone. Either that or they tell me it's too early to talk that way (and of course things never go anywhere). I had one girl do that to me and then she ended up going home with a guy she just met like an hour ago.

  • Give her a present or just do something cute for her


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