If you've done any traveling/dated people from a variety of other places, which places were the best and worst?

Where have you dated people from of the opposing gender (or same, if you roll that way), where you found the best ones from, and also the worst? For me, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, Columbus, Philly and Michigan had solid ladies... Austin and Portland were a total joke. How about you?


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  • Best looking.. Germany i guess, best sex greece and mexico. Turkish women werent that gd looking but they were sweet, sex was okay.
    Uhh stateside. FL was good. PA was half n half.
    Texas treated me well. San antone, sorry for ur luck out there.
    Nebraska was a damn surprise, couldnt believe my eyes there honestly. Same with MN lots of hidden gems.

    • I agree on Nebraska. I was there for a very short time, but the ladies there were VERY surprising.

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    • I went to a Chuck E. Cheese a year and half ago in Lincoln with a lady I was dating and her 2 daughters. Got on the mechanical pink pony ride with the youngest, gyrated on stage with the life sized bear, and shot the hoops... eeeeeeeee!!! Guy at the door said when we left he couldn't tell who the adults were and who the kids were. :) that's exactly the point! Good folks there.

    • Actually, I got to be more open socially in S. A. and Dallas than Austin-as far as Texas goes. S. A. is more blue collar, less hippy dippy trendoid. The people weren't nearly as segregated. The ladies in S. A. were fine with me. Not Austin. I guess I don't fit the hipster trendy deal...*throws hands up, shrugs*

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  • It's... well... it's different. I mean, even people who are from the same ethnicity, differ from each other a lot.

    • Oh absolutely! White guys from Boulder, Co are NOTHING like what you'd find in Boston. Black dudes from Sacramento... nothing at all like Alabama. Boricuas from the Bx, as opposed to Ca... and so on.

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  • I've not found any particular country or region to have any better or worse women in terms of personality traits. There are countries that appear to have a higher proportion of very attractive women such as those in Eastern Europe but that does not mean that they are likely to be any more or less human than anyone else.

    People are people, it doesn't matter where they are from. Same core needs, same basic physical properties. They all eat, sleep and shit. The rest is just window dressing.

    • Oh, I don't mean physical attraction. I just mean in how they got treated.

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