Is it a turn off for a guy if a girl is 25 and has never been in a long term or serious relationship and has never cohabitated with a bf?

I am 25 and the longest relationship I was in was 3 months. He left me and also I never had sex with him. Personally I think I dodged a bullet there because he ignored me for 2 weeks before dumping me through text.


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  • No, never a turn off. In fact, as far as I'm concerned, it's a huge bonus. Providing you have a compatible personality, I can't see why most guys would turn down a LTR with you. I wouldn't.

  • Well it's not necessarily a turn off but it's sort of a red flag... Cz it shows that girl is not serious enough to commit to a rships.

    Think of it this way, you wouldn't want to date the guy if you knew he'd slept with over 100 girls... you'd be skeptical n think to yourself that he's a player or he's only looking for sex... it would definitely be a red flag.
    same principle different context.

    But question is are you sure that you not being in a serious rship was the reason he didn't text you for 2wks?

    • He left me

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    • He never explained

    • That's tricky cz he may have left for a number of reasons...

      So you belive he left cz he thinks you haven't been with a guy long term?

      What makes you think so?

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  • No, but some of them might assume that someone might be wrong with her or that she is overly religious or something.

    • I'm not religious lol

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