Is it possible for this girl and I to go back to being friends before we even dated?

This girl and I have been friends for a year. She found out I liked her about three months ago. Just this month she seems to have been reciprocating in weird ways. One Friday she said she loved me in a serious tone, not her usual sarcastic tone. Then she made a little gift (it was basically a bent wire lol) and said "Merry Christmas". Then, she randomly rested her hand on my cheek in front of my friends. When we locked eye contact (only for one second) her eyes looked very big and she looked like she wanted to kiss me, but we didn't. I haven't seen her since Tuesday and this made me wonder if it's possible if we could go back to being friends. Thanks!
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  • Let her know how you feel. Don't date someone because you feel obligated to.

  • Doesn't seem like it


What Guys Said 1

  • Yes it is possible.


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