Did we move too fast, and is there any way to go back?

So I met a woman at work and we hit it off right away. Date 2 I met her mother and date 3 was Christmas day with her family. I had voiced my objections to meeting her mother and family too soon but I went through with it anyways. So things are fine and then last week she breaks up with me because she felt the relationship moved too fast and she didn't think she could match me emotionally. She feels at this point in life she can't be in a serious relationship. She never voiced a concern before then. Now I never pushed her into something or rushed this... she did and now I'm confused because of the break up and the fact she doesn't want to start over and try to move slow. I will say that she's the first woman I've dated that I could be 100% myself around. And we have a lot of common interests. I wouldn't say that I love her but I know I don't want to loose her and I would want to see where the relationship could go. But now I struggling to just get through the day, I dont sleep well and I know I need to allow time before I try to ask her out again.


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  • I would give it time, which I understand is easier said than done! How long ago did this happen?

    • She broke up with me last week. I haven't gone out of my way to contact her. I do have to see her Thursdays at our game night group.

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    • Yea, Im gonna be out of state a lot till the summer. Maybe by then things will be better.

    • Good plan. You never know what someone else has going on in their life, it sure can be frustrating!

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