Guys, Did I give him mixed signals?

I met him 6 months ago we were just acquaintances. A month later he asked me out, we went out and hungout a few times, everything was going really great and we had lots of fun! He had recently broke up with his ex two months prior tho, but told me he was over it. Out of nowhere one night he said he wasn't over her and I said we should just stay friends. I told him we should be friends because he told me he wasn't over his ex, I didn't want to get involved with someone who wasn't over an ex. But liked spending time with him so we can be friends. We didn't see each other for two months because of work. After that every time he'd see me he would still always be near me, flirty and only talking to me, trying to kiss me. I would turn him down, every time.

I definitely felt a connection, in the beginning.. that there was something between us.. but is that just me overthinking?:( I still find my self thinking about him occasionally and having some feelings even though I've tried not to talk to him/see him.. uhh so frustrating.. I dont know what to do anymore..

I'm obviously attracted to him and did catch some feelings for him before... Can this ever work out? I feel I maybe pushed him away and gave him mixed signals? do you guys think he had some feelings for me? Does he think I want to just be friends? Did I give him mixed signals?


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  • After the two months he must have gotten over his ex. He was probably hoping you still like him. Are there any other guys you're interested in? If not, I would go out with him.

    • not really! I've haven't really connected with anyone like I did with him.

    • why didn't he do anything about it?

    • Do anything about what? He probably thinks you don't like him. Ask him to hang out. Try to flirt with him and see if he flirts back.

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