Should I forget about this guy?

This guy approached me at this place I'm staying at. And he complimented me and stuff by calling me pretty nice eyes... etc. he compliments me a lot. I was with my friends so he asked me to go on a walk and we did we talked/got to know each other. We even kissed and stuff. We went back to the place and well he went upstairs to wash and stuff and guess what this girl who likes him and he knows she likes him went down with him and sat on the couch and they were talking and stuff but I have a feeling if was about me since she kept looking at me and stuff. He also tried to be my friend and stuff by being friends with my friends and calling them his new best friends. Anyways during dinner time he sat beside me and my friends for the first time ever and we are and talked and he even asked another girl at our table "isn't she pretty" and well after dinner he collected all of our plates and put them Away. After that my friends comforted him asking if he has a girlfriend and stuff or if he likes that girl and he said he doesn't but when asked again he was like "ehh" and then after that he said I'll be right back to let the girl know and stuff. Anyways I don't know what to do I mean I like him but at the same time there's the girl I don't know who he wants? From what I described do you think he likes me? Or the girl?

by the way I hung out with one of his friends earlier and his friend said he thinks I'm cute and stuff (that's what he told my friend) do you think I should talk to him or nah? I don't want to but would that maybe make him notice me more


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  • Yeah you should


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