How to flirt with a girl that I like?

I just found out that I don't know how to flirt to the girls that I like! Please give me real life examples on how to flirt please!


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  • Example 1) Girl you know, and haven't seen in a while, is standing around bored.

    You: Hey stranger

    Her: holy sh*t, how are youuuuu *Hug* ugh it's been forever

    You: Oh god, this feels like a long distance relationship... *Acts like he's about to run away*

    Her: haha... nice

    You: I thought so, so how have you been? I heard that you were traveling this year, where to?

    Her: I've been good, just trying to figure things out between me and my ex.. I'm headed to europe actually.

    You: Awesome...don't mind me asking, but did you have any places in mind?

    Her: Well probably london and paris, those are the common ones aren't they?

    You: Sold. *Looks at imaginary flight attendent* I'll take a plane ticket for two *Looks back and smiles with energy in his eyes*


    Example 2) With a girl in a casual conversation

    Her: You wouldn't believe how tedious my day was!

    You: Here we go, watch out guys *wink at her* Let's hear it

    Her: I went to work after calling in sick, then when I got here they sent me home anyways! Ughhh I'm sooo mad!

    You: Wait... haha... What? You called in sick and then they called you in to work?

    Her: Yeah! They called me in like 20 minutes after I called in... I can't believe it.

    You: That's amazing. Did they buy you a coffin instead of giving you your paycheck?

    Her: Very funny, they probably did.

    You: Well, at least they thought of you being sick and all; I gotta go, sleep well *hipcheck*

    Example 3) With a flirtatious girl

    Her *She drops something*

    You: *Staring at her ass until she catches you* HEY quit checking out my ass

    Her: Haha quit the contrary, I think it's you check out my ass

    You: Wait.. First your checking out my ass and then your argueing with me? This sounds like a marriage.

    Her: I'm not argueing with you; you were checking me out

    You: Oh god it is a marriage. *Change tone* Well hun, care to join me to go pick up little johnny's new birthday present; he's turning 8 on saturday, you're always late to his birthday parties.

    Her: Dear, aren't I always? You can pick out the movie and I'll be there when I'm ready

    You: He always says that he likes your gifts more than mine; probably because I'm such a great navigator of the movie titles *Imitates button-pushing in air for 2 seconds*

    Her: hahaha..

    You: My name's john.

    Her: Karla


    Those are story-line examples.. Not tested or proven.. Use at your own discretion.

    BUT the best flirting you'll ever do is when you understand "WHAT FLIRTING IS"; not how to use it ;D

    ~ ArtistBBoy

  • Hey this is a pretty easy one! Compliments believe it or not or a form of flirting. Tell her you think see is beautiful girls like it when you compliment them on their clothes, hair, eyes, etc.. Also another why of flirting is making up jokes it could be corny jokes girls love guys with a since of humor. Go to the beach that's a perfect place to flirt you can splash water at her throw into the water whatever. Be spontaneous make her want to be around you. Even text messages like I am thinking of ya things like that is flirting too. Lots of these things I do with my own girlfriends and they love it.

    • Splashing water on her was good; it saved you from a disagree mark ;)