Should I stop talking to him?

This guy I have a crush on told me he knows the guys I crush on. He then said do you want me to show you the girls I crush on. He sent me a pic of the girl and she is extremely different from me. He obviously made me feel like shit. Then when I told him about the celebrity I have a crush on he said still something I'm not. He made me feel horrible comparing me in an way to someone else. I unseeded all the messages and tomorrow when he wakes up he will see. What should I do? I'm starting to think some things like ours are just not meant to be.


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  • What do you mean by unseeded?

    • Unsended

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    • You can unsend messages on instagram.

    • And they would see them gone?

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  • He's not respectful and you do not need to associate or spend any waking second on a man who makes you feel less than who you know you are. His loss, and no need to state it to him, he's obviously dumb and won't understand what you're saying and it'll only create a back and forth pissing contest (which he clearly enjoys doing). Stay away from any man that makes you feel like you have to defend yourself. Just laugh and say "ok" and walk away. :)


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  • the guy's dumb dont worry u'll fund someone better


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  • If he's showing you other girls he likes then I would say he's not interested in you or perhaps trying to steer you away from liking him.

    • So yes i would stop talking to him.

    • Yes I feel that he is trying to get me away from him. I sent him a message of how we both know I am not the girl for him. I guess he will reply tomorrow morning.

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