How to cope/date someone who is controlling?

So we have chemistry a bit of sexual tension but I was warned earlier that she is control.. I got to experience it this week when we went out alone and oh boy she's control but overall she's amazing and I want to date her.

Any idea how to put a line or to deal with such personalities?


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  • Run. Run fast, run far.

    If she won't treat you as an equal, you're not going to be happy. If she thinks she's entitled to everything but thinks you have to earn everything you want, you're not going to be happy. If she is annoyed when you do something, but she does the same thing, you're not going to be happy.


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  • Try talking to her about it, open up and sit down and talk. Communication is VITAL! If you want to be with her, just let her know and find a middle group here.


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