Girls, Would you ever get into something serious with a guy that made substantially less money than you?

Say he made half what you make or even less but looked good, could cook and was great in bed.


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  • yes they would. because love has nothing to do with money. if she wants money in a man, ok, maybe she will find him one day, BUT she won't be happy enough because she doesn't feel so in love with him. there is the situation in which she feels atracted to that man and he has money too, but in that case she knows its not his money making her happy. women who don't have so much money usually don't have these expactations from guys. and women who already have a lot of money don't search for rich men because they already have money and they need something else in their life :) like a relationship with a man who makes them happy in all those other aspects of their life. so yea, love is a feeling, money is just a material thing buying other material things, not feelings. i can asure you all women are like this unless they are prostitues for life lol :P


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