What do you think is the most attractive part of a person?

  • Their physical appearance
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  • Their personality
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  • I guess that looks can be important, but as you both age apperances are going to change so you have to hope that it is personality is going to keep you together.

    • good outlook! thanks for the comment!

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  • That's a hard one. If her personality was 10/10 but she was a lazy potatoes that was overweight I wouldn't like that person.

    • It's the same the other way around

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    • Well, then I apologise. If that was your intentions, then I am truly sorry. I thought you were just doing it for the "followers"

    • no, i could care less about the followers. honestly this world just needs a little bit of love. so dont sweat it. i just believe one little action can help someone or hey it might even change the world. but still again, thanks for the input! i really appreciate it!

  • Personality. Looks=40% Personality=60%

  • I fucking love smart girls.

    • Its definitely a big plus!! thanks for the input!!

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