Getting into relationships while someone else has always been in the back of your mind?

Has this ever happened to you, but due to circumstances and morals the two of you are not able to get together? If yes, how did you deal with it?

The two if you also happen to be very close friends.


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  • I wouldn't tbh. If we listen to the brain then we know it's wrong and it won't work

    does this have to do with you? if yes tell mehh I'm a good box for secrets <3
    I'm curious -_- can't help it haha

    • lol, it *was* me. But I ended up with the girl in the back of my mind in the end. I was just curious to see if anyone else went through something similar and if they dealt with it differently.

    • ahh aight I'm glad for you then
      Tbh I was *close* to doing that mistake
      The boy was stuck in my head that bad , that I almost got into a relationship with another one , just to try to forget him but luckily I stopped myself from doing that
      I'm better single

    • Thanks :)

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What Girls Said 2

  • Nope I wouldn't be in a relationship unless I'm crazy about the person I'm with.

    I want to know your story now though..

    • Well it was me, but i ended up with the girl (in the end).

      I think everyone is crazy for that first 6 months of honeymoon phase though, what would you do if you started thinking about that *One* guy who was always there since day one?

  • I guess it fine if you try and let go of that other person as much as possible, or else if you keep thinking about the other person while you're dating new girlfriend, your new girlfriend is probably not the girl for you


What Guys Said 2

  • Do you mean like the circumstances of widow would fantasize his husband, So a friend of their can not love the widow?

  • I wouldn't waste my time with someone who I didn't like.


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