What to do with my boyfriend when he asks me to hang?

So I have been dating him for about a month and we do hang out a lot but usually he has an idea of what he wants to do, but today he told me he wants to hang out and when I asked he said "really anything" but i'm really not the best at thinking of date ideas because i am not creative at all. We are not really the type of couple to do like "cutesy" things like picnics or cooking together plus we are only in high school (seniors). Usually we go see a movie, i've hung out at his house once, go out to dinner with our friends (two girls who are my best friends but they are friends too i met through them), etc... My parents are going out tonight to a concert so i think he wants me to invite him over. It isn't that I don't, because I would like to, its just I am afraid that somehow we will get caught and also I am expected to get my period today...

please help?


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  • Play some video games, when men see a girl gamer, that's a instant turn on


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