Are we getting closer? And Is he having/getting deeper feelings for me?

So this guy I've known for almost two years has been talking and flirting with me but one problem: he's shy. (We both go to the same school) When we text, sometimes he uses exclamation points and emojis. There's even been a few times where he told me he was scared about some things in his life and I shared those same things with him too. He's also told me about how he doesn't like to hang out with his friends. Then I texted him about a college that emailed me and told him to guess and he says Harvard? I said lol you think I'm that smart? Then he said surely it was Yale. (It was ball state though haha) When we talk at school and I see him, he takes the long way with me to my classes.

I texted him recently about how I worked at McDonalds that's 20 minutes away from both of our houses and next thing you know during the weekend, he comes up there and he shows up with his brother and his friends, even though there's one not even two minutes away from his house. They came in and they were standing there talking and then he walked away and went to the bathroom and he looked at me on the way there. So then, All his friends came to my register and when they were ordering he went to go sit down and they were laughing and teasing him not out loud though. Then he tried to come into my line but it was too long and he went over to another cashier and when he was done ordering he looked over at me but I was too shy to say anything and to look at him. I saw him Monday at school. we walked and talked in the hallway and I asked him why he came and didn't say hi and he pauses for a quick second then said my line was too long and then we had a short conversation before we got to our classes.


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  • Well, I'm shy and I would totally do what he does. In my opinion, I think he's trying to get closer. Good luck :)


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  • I think whatever he does feel you need to be honest about whether you have feelings for him or not. If you make the first move because he's comfortable around you it will be fine. Get everything out in the air but it does seem like he's going out of his way to see you so that is a good sign for sure


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