How to walk away from a guy who treated you badly and is not sorry when you still have to see and work with him?

I was thinking about quitting but I can't it's a good job and I need the money. I can't transfer to somewhere else please help this is very painful to go through


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  • This is a tough situation that you are in. But you mist remember to be strong! If it was a bad relationship for you all you have to do is keep your head up. when you go to work dont pay attention to him, you're there to work. everything will eventually get better. focus on yourself because you're the most important person in your life.

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  • BEEN THERE. It was a horrible experience smh
    Here's a few tips:
    1. Focus on the fact that you are there to make money
    2. Change your schedule around so you don't have to see him as much or at all if possible
    3. When you are there try not to look at him (when it's not necessary to look his way) as it will just bring back memories and stir up your emotions
    4. Don't let him see you sweat. It hurts now but you WILL get through this. Keep your head high. Smile.
    5. You can start looking for another job if you simply don't want to be there anymore and it's taking a toll on your well being. Better to just leave that environment alone. But I do NOT recommend you to quit without officially having another job.

    I hope everything will workout great for you.


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  • Focus on the tasks.

  • you should get estrase and secretly feed it to him to make him nicer.

    • growing boobs might make him understand you more. :)

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