Should I reach out to him, wait, or let it go?

Me: F, 27 Him: M, 31
Guy I've been on two dates with from Tinder has stopped texting as much after initially texting a lot and making lots of future plans. Told me up front he's looking for relationship and not a hookup. He did say before our first dinner date (Dec 30) that he works a lot and that he would be busy moving across town: "I'm moving in a couple of weeks, please bear with me and not have a boyfriend by then!" Our first date was awesome--good vibes, compliments, conversation flowing. He texted me a lot for days with compliments, heart emojis, etc.

Our second date was Jan 7, we went shopping for apartment stuff for him. The move was Jan 8. On the second date we kissed three times, held hands in the car. After the second date he texted me that he got home. He texted me a bit over the next couple of days too. I texted him Tuesday Jan 10, and it just felt a little off. He didn't really flirt.

Then three days of nothing until I texted him Friday night Jan 13 asking what he was up to, intending to see if he wanted to come meet me and my friend at the bar. But I never got that far because he didn't respond. I have (shamefully) Facebook stalked him and see that he's active on there making posts.

Monday Jan 16 I sent:
Me: _____, hey! What are you doing Wednesday night? I'd love to catch up, maybe over Korean food. :-)
Him: Hi babe! That sounds amazing. Buuutt... After moving. I just bought a couch and a bunch of other stuff to make the place livable and I'm rather broke at the moment.
Me: No worries! Just let me know when you're free and we'll set something up. Xoxo
Him: I am free! I just don't have anymore entertainment budget this month.
Me: It doesn't always cost to have fun. Maybe we can cook or something.

And that was it. Is it bad if I reach out again? Our first date he told me suffers from anxiety, 2nd date said he was anxious about the move. Could that have anything to do with it? It's been almost 2 weeks since we've talked.


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