First Date?

What are some things guys should say or ask a girl on a first date? What are some things a guy should avoid saying?


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  • As a general rule, do NOT ask yes or no questions. This will stop conversations.

    Avoid asking her very personal questions about her family life or serious questions about the future. If something seems to be bothering her, ask what it is. If she doesn't want to tell you just yet, accept it.

    1. Ask about her hobbies. Don't just ask what they are. If she says she likes art, ask what she likes to use to make her art or what she likes to draw/paint/etc. In other words, make it at least SOUND like you care and want to know more about her.

    2. Always, always, always compliment her appearance. "You look beautiful," is always a good move or just complimenting the small things like her hair or eyes is great. After that, compliment her personality like "You are so funny," or "I really like how adventurous you are."

    3. Tell her about you. Yes, it's good to make her feel special and get to know her, but make sure she understands what kind of life you like to live.


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