When it comes to finding something serious, are women cowards?

They put on a nice face and act like they want something serious, but it doesn't ever seem like they ever really take it once it's given. There always needs to be an element of risk in losing someone, or you could look at it like this, they will seem to only date men that they won't mind losing too much.

I just think it's funny how a guy like myself can do everything right, have my life together and not be a deadbeat, and nothing ever shapes up for me. Then all the low life stoner, thug, druggies have not one, but multiple girls after them. Guys that are easy to blame for things going wrong, no real respect or love, easy sex without real intimacy.

As as much as women deny it, I think they're scared of finding something serious and real.


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  • I find it remarkably ignorant that you conflate the actions of all woman because you had a bad experience with one.

    Maybe she just didn't like you.

    • Where did I ever say that I had a bad experience with a girl here?

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    • I think it is important that one takes responsibility for how one feels.
      Don't be a victim, and don't blame women.
      We are not all cowards any more than all men are wife beaters because Ray Rice beat his wife unconscious.

      That's all I am saying.

    • And my argument is I'm not one of those, so women shouldn't be scared either. It's just crazy to me how women can feel more comfortable around men with a deviant nature than an honest, hardworking guy like myself.

      The world of dating is so messed up. Not solely because of women, but when you observe the people and relationships around you, you see it everywhere, and that is the base of this question.

What Guys Said 2

  • There's many women that love the drama, so they date shitty guys so they can talk about it and complain. But that's not most women. Most women want a real man to be with.

  • It's the age factor. When I was younger (born in 77), and lived a life headed straight for death or prison, girls were on me flies on a fresh cow turd. I was 15-28 then. Then O began to change, now I'm completely different. Women now treat me with basic courtesy and we have meaningful conversations-in my age group, not younger. Why? We've both grown up. Example-I asked 2 females I know, both late 20's..."At what age have you found most guys stop thinking only with their (other) head? They both said... about 40. I kept quiet, but I thought, "ohhh the irony!"-because now I've discovered it's the SAME age for a lot of women as well. Age, experience... it all has to kick in, and it will.


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