Girls, Girl started avoiding looking at me up close and creating conversations?

Girl used to always look me up m down n smile etc and be nice , every weekend I would go shopping and speak to her and she would speak to me. So I got talking to her friend on Facebook and asked who she was. She didn't know so I said I'll ask myself which I haven't. She clearly shown my conversation to the girl as they was toying with each other when I walked in. I left it and stopped going in. So then I started again and she would always glance etc , we would always talk and be friendly. She would talk about how she's going drinking etc n has to get ready , I would be like Damn that's bad does it take you long to go home as it was late already. She was dropping everything and assumed I was going to ask if she wanted a lift. She was like my mother is on it. So anyway always talking m joking. But then I kind of messed up as my friend shown me who she was on my fb and I accidentally liked her picture without adding her. So I disliked it as I was hoping she wouldn't know. So then my friend tells me deleting pictures she's embarrassed about suddenly. So I never at this point asked her out. Or spoke after that. So the next time she saw me she keeps looking at me all the time so I didn't go to her either I avoided her and went to a different checkout I could feel her staring at me. So now I went in and she was looking at me but I went to her checkout and she was looking every now and then but she didn't speak , look at me or anything she just went silent and stared into space whilst I'm feeling awkward. Someone know what that matter here?


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  • This is ridiculous, stop spying on her facebook or asking her friend about her, you've had conversations with her, if you want to get-to-know her then ask HER out, she probably thinks you're weird for asking about her and obviously looking her up on Facebook just to avoid asking her out, come on. These situations don't need to drag on or be complicated, learn the social skills to ask "Hey, you seem nice and interesting, do you want to spend some time together outside work?" It's pretty easy.


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